About CSA OnDemand TM

CSA OnDemand TM provides 24/7 access to your personalized standards collection from CSA Group. Whether your organization needs a library of 10 standards or 3,000, CSA OnDemand TM provides flexible,cost-effective, and immediate access to the standards you need to meet your organizational goals, academic needs, or compliance requirements.

You can be up-and-running with a subscription in no time at all. CSA OnDemand TM gives you the ability to build your own customized collection online, select relevant collections of standards, individual standards, or choose from a combination of both. Determine your number of named users and checkout. You can also contact us and we will help you build a solution to best fit your needs.

Purchase Options

Collections – Best Value

Looking for a suite of standards in a given subject area? Our collections combine commonly referenced documents from across our standards portfolio into one package. With one convenient annual payment, your access to current standards, and previous editions when available, is easier than ever. Simply select a collection and all the included standards are automatically added to your subscription. It’s the most economical way to access our standards.

Individual Standards

Sometimes all you need is access to a small number of standards, or even just one single document. All of our standards are available individually, allowing you to make your selection to suit your needs. Select this option and your document is always up-to-date and available whenever, wherever you need it. Subscription provides access to the current standard, as well as previous editions and alternate languages where available.

*Subscriptions must include a minimum of 10 standards or a collection to proceed to checkout. Contact us for alternative options (e.g. – a small number of standards for a large number of users.)

Why Choose CSA OnDemand TM

Users benefit from:

  • Access to up-to-date standards, whether purchased individually or as part of a collection, whenever and wherever you are.
  • A personalized CSA OnDemandTM library populated with your purchase and/or subscriptions to PDF codes, standards, or handbooks.
  • The ability to build your own customized online collection of standards or access to our pre-built collections for best value.
  • Access to subscription content in all available previous editions and both English and French where available.
  • Hassle-free and easy-to-use responsive interface allowing you to quickly find what you need through full-text keyword search, extensive search filters, and bookmarking capability.
  • Ability to add highlights and notes to documents for personalization.
  • Easy set-up access for named users or through IP authentication.

Administrative users benefit from:

  • Ability to maximize productivity across your organization through easy online access to standards.
  • Flexible options – complete your subscription purchase and add additional documents for a pro-rated amount mid-subscription.
  • Easy account management through ability to activate new users and suspend existing users online.
  • Complete onboarding and ongoing support from our Customer Success team, including user uploads, IP-authentication setup, and end user training.
  • Multiple payment options – pay by credit card or purchase order* (*once pre-approved).

Academic Access

CSA Group believes it is crucial for the next generation of leaders to have reliable, consistent access to standards to help fuel innovation and foster a safer, more sustainable world. That is why we invest in the standards system in Canada by offering a cost-effective solution for Canadiancolleges and universities through CSA OnDemand TM

Benefits include:

  • Utilization of IP-authenticated access for simpler setup and user administration
  • Ability to designate multiple account administrators
  • Significantly discounted academic pricing available, based on school size
  • Seamless digital rights management protections that do not require a separate plug-in reduce risk of students violating intellectual property rights