Copyright Permissions

All codes, standards, and other products published by CSA Group are copyrighted and protected by Canadian Copyright Law and other U.S. and International Copyright Laws as outlined in CSA Group Terms of Use

Regardless of reason or purpose, if you are making use of CSA Group copyrighted materials – in whole or in part – you must request and obtain written permission from CSA Group in advance of use. This includes use of clauses, figures, tables, and definitions from standards and related documents. Fees may apply.

Permissions Procedure

Please complete the CSA External Copyright Request Application form, and submit by email as an attachment to

You will be asked to provide documentation that supports your application and can help us better understand your request.

Allow up to 6 weeks for your External Copyright Request Application to be processed.

If and when permission is granted, a CSA Group approved credit statement and examples of how to properly cite copyrighted materials will be provided to the applicant.