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Looking for a suite of standards in a given subject area? Our collections combine commonly referenced documents from across our standards portfolio into one package. With one convenient annual payment, your access to current standards, and previous editions when available, is easier than ever. Simply select a collection and all the included standards are automatically added to your subscription. It’s the most economical way to access our standards.

Electrical Icon Electrical

Health Care Icon Health Care and Well-being

Construction & Infrastructure Icon Construction & Infrastructure

Worker & Public Safety Icon Worker & Public Safety

Management Systems IconManagement Systems

Business Excellence

This collection contains standards for implementing Quality Management Systems for all sized business enterprises. These include the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and implementation guides and the ISO 1000 series of guidelines for instilling solid business practices and policies…


Petroleum & Natural Gas Icon Petroleum & Natural Gas

Fuels & Transportation Icon Fuels & Transportation

Information Tech & Telecommunications Icon Information Tech & Telecommunications

Information Technology Collection

This collection covers CSA Group’s IT standards, harmonized with ISO/IEC standards. Also included are standards relating to telephones and telephone equipment…


Telecommunications Collection

This collection contains standards related to the manufacturing of equipment used in telephone, data, radio & TV broadcast, and wireless communications networks as well as operation access of voice, data, text, sound…


Nuclear IconNuclear

Nuclear Collection

In this collection, you will find standards primarily for CANDU nuclear power plants. Some of the standards are provided so that they can be considered for application to other types of nuclear facilities, such as research…


Environment & Climate Change IconEnvironment & Climate Change

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